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Saturday, August 30, 2008 { Saturday, August 30, 2008 }

i had so much fun today...

went to mcdonald for breakfast wif crazy nue and d three little monster..

not forgetting,my gfren fidah...

they make my day..i love them :)

{ Saturday, August 30, 2008 }

one after another, i guess i'm starting to get addicted to this :)

to my dear eunice...

i guess u have to be strong to undergo this situation..

u r a great person.its juz dat,he's blind i guess...

don worry to much dear...

and to myself...

i'm still trying to find a solution to my love life...

should i confess? or should i not?


this is frustrating...

why am i too stupid?back then..

fancy choosing didel over him..

i'm sorry...

i chose the didel not you...

and now i'm regretting...regretting all by myself

peeps,am i blind or somethin?

i would love to confess to him for the second time..

but i juz could'nt bring myself to it..

i'm too scared...too scared to face the reality, i guess...

its a total nitemare for me...

or maybe, i'm too worried...

worried if he may turn me down...

wat should i do?

confess?or keep myself silence till miracle happens?


{ Saturday, August 30, 2008 }

hola peeps,i juz create a new blog for myself coz i guess i need some space to vent my anger,sadness n so on to something..i guess this may be the right place..(hope so):)

i may not update every now and then but i'll try aite..

special thankz to:

eunice chew>>>i love u very stronglah hahaha