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leading a normal life each day..hoping to have an interesting career..hopefully:)


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Saturday, September 27, 2008 { Saturday, September 27, 2008 }

Left 2more days to hari raya..and i'm like an old maid down here..aarrgh!!blh gle la sey!!have been doing spring cleaning for the house since for the past few days..this year raya will be a special one because,there's a new member in the family :)..welcome abg dan!!hopefully this year hari raya will be more joyful than the previous one..


Tuesday, September 23, 2008 { Tuesday, September 23, 2008 }

Its been days since i last update..kind of busy though..raya's just around the corner..not busy wif spring cleaning but busy wif SHOPPING..best kn haha had so much fun wif my sweet lil choc honey muffins of nursing frens..went to iftar on 22nd of sept wif attachment friends..at the same time,its a farewell outing for our dear nabil whom leaving us,NUH group4..we'll be missing you,nabil.. :) and belated b'dae celebration for atinton n naz..i had soo much fun dat nite thankz peepz

Next day,went to johore wif my study group frens..tiring day coz,went to 3shopping centre in one day..i and zas shop till we drop..no parents,no siblings..a great freedom we had yesterday..bought lots of stuff..hopefully,our next trip to KL will be much more fun.. :)


Friday, September 19, 2008 { Friday, September 19, 2008 }

hola..its been a whole new day eversince the nitemare..well i guess i've really got over him totally before eunice mentioned to me about dat thingy..well its all over.i feel gd after knowing the truth..thankz aniwae..
Today,i'll be packed for the day..helping out my aunt at the bazaar..its a brand new experience for me aniwae...will be goin over to geylang after d bazaar thingy with aunt..thank you lao pan niang..
got to noe aril aka popie aka ayie is my cousin..nice one..
i guess that should all for today :)


Thursday, September 18, 2008 { Thursday, September 18, 2008 }

thankz for the credits eunice i love u :)
my itchy irritating hand caused everything..sorry for the trouble eunice..
lots of things happening around me rite now..juz wanna get out from it..but how?
i got to know this from eunice..i'm kindda sad n feelin down rite now after i got to noe about it..my hands are trembling rite now..should i scream?should i cry?

but i'm in no position to say anything..its been two pathetic yrs..meaning,all this while i've been clapping one hand..and i guess i'm such a fool..why should i carry on when someone is not carrying d torch together wif me..i regret,regret n regret...

now..my aim is to carry on wif my life..my life as a normal gal..no more dreams,no more carrying torch for him,no more shits,no more craps..i HAVE TO MOVE ON..i HAVE TO..and i guess,NO NEW RELATIONSHIP for the time being...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 { Wednesday, September 17, 2008 }

its been days since i last update..many episodes of unhappiness have been going around me..
kind of sad though...but life have got to move on..and now,i'm moving on wif my life...my life as a single lady..still lookin for her mr.right..must be sleeping somewhere i guess..
gd bye my crush n old flame..i'm juz clapping wif one hand not both..so,don waste my time...
watever lah boy!!

juz finish d BCLS thingy..so stressful..so maany things to do in sooo little time..finishing d CR wk within few days time..i'm lookin forward to it..its resting time!

aarrggh!!i cn't type anymore...i'm really feelin down rite now..i juz cn't express it...


Thursday, September 4, 2008 { Thursday, September 04, 2008 }

School life:

its been days since i last updated...been busy lately...

got to finish up the clinical skills,madness...

i hate the logbook...

tomorrow will be the last day for 2.1 posting...left 1more module to go..

will i be able to make it through?(hope so..)

next monday,will be in campus training..2days for BCLS..

i've not been revising anythin and i don even noe where's the book?

(wat the hell?)

die2 got to read up this weekend..

my love life:

its been yrs but i still cn't get over him..i've asked mygfrens for opinion

and all answers given are about similar...

i juz don't have the guts to confess to him..

y?because i saw his friendster comment..i guess,he's attached rite now..

mayb i should juz move on..and make newfriends...get him out from my mind..

i'm trying my best though..

i got to noe dis guy not long ago..he's 8yrs older than me..

he's nice,single,adorable,matured...etc2

but when i view his profile and saw his bunch of friends..

i ask myself am i up to him?or to his friends?i'm juz 19yrs old..

myself esteem is goin down the drain..aarrgh!!!

how?wat can i do to make myself positive?haiz..

BENGANG la sey!!

my girlfies:

to azura, i'm praying hard for you..its been tough for u to go through the situation

rite now..feel sorry for u..be strong gal..love ya..

enjoying my day everyday..wif me surrounded wif my gfrens..

i juz love them..they make my day..atinton,i miss u lah sey :)

love u galfrens :)

thankz love: dayah,fahara,eunice,rafidah,atinton,azura
afifah,wahidah...i'm sorry if i did'ntmentioned ur name :)

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