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Friday, November 28, 2008 { Friday, November 28, 2008 }

2more days to exams n here i am feelin so sick...got to noe dat i'm havin bronchitis inflmmation..aiyo..wat happen..


Saturday, November 8, 2008 { Saturday, November 08, 2008 }

Mum n family went holiday last fri..leaving me wif 3rd sis n bro in law at home..wat a freedom..went prawn fishing wif ito,ice n az till 7am in d morning..kind of like fallin in love wif prawn fishing..mayb i may adopt it as sports fishing as a new hobby?maybe perhaps..:) but for sure,i may not be consuming d prawns!its smells so fishy n juz imagine..

u saw d prawn at d pond next moment,u caught it n place it in d net,wash d prawns,n next moment its on d fire n DEAD!!i juz cn't accept dis culture of fishing..n more,u r consuming it!!eeeeuuwww!!!gross!!at least,d thing is already dead and u did'nt saw it alive before its dead..aarrgh!!watever it is,it all depends on urself..but as for me,a big NO NO for me...

i'm getting used to ice n ito..they r a gd bunch of friends..kind of lucky to have one :)but, i'm at lost coz i missed d outing wif atin n dayah on saturday..supposingly,should be goin to sentosa but 3rd sis spoil everything..askin me for loan after she got to noe from dad i've got few bucks wif me..don take advantage cn?n she left me doing all housework by myself n,i need to cook lunch n dinner..how am i able to cope?housework,overnite thingy?its better if i stayed all alone by myself..they r kind of like invisible for me...n now,my body's aching like nobody business..sakit la sey!!aargh!!

3more weeks left to final module exam...kind of worried..wif lots of projects n test in 7wks..its madness!but i'm kin of missing my friends coz after the exams,we'll be goin seperate ways...haiz..miss korang2 la!!


Sunday, November 2, 2008 { Sunday, November 02, 2008 }

aargh..been 4days since i'm down wif flu,fever n asthma..perhaps too busy wif sch without havin enough sleep..asthma gettin bad..need oral tablet ventolin..require it every now n then...wat happen lah sey!!!saw mr mathi..missin him badly..wtf??missin npcc officer?he's great,love his character..
onco project down,aids project down..left behavioural sci project..headache2...
mum n dad goin holidae dis wkend..left me n 3rd sis at home..wat a freedom haha
cn't wait for this wkend..lookin forward for it...:)