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Saturday, February 28, 2009 { Saturday, February 28, 2009 }

Koh Samui,The Library

By flight, we have to get down at the Samui Airport. After we get down, It would take around 15 minutes or so to reach the Library Hotel in Koh Samui Island from the Koh Samui Airport.
  • a 42-inch Plasma screen television set
  • All the televisions have cable connection
  • DVD player provided in the rooms
  • Personal computer sets which have broadband connection to browse the Internet
  • The air conditioning system
  • The Jacuzzi
  • Decorated with modern accessories and furniture
  • private bathrooms

    i saw this beach resort in a channelnewsasia programme,paradise asia..well,previously,i've been wanting to go to bali for a holiday...but then,wen i saw dis beach resort,i fell in love wif its nature lookin n touch...i really hope that,one fine day,i'm able to visit this beach resort...

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{ Saturday, February 28, 2009 }

been days since i last update coz i'm too tired doin my nite shift in ward 64..but,i do really enjoy it coz i'm working wif helen n fatin...great thankz to my patient cubicle bed 25 to 32 coz, they slept thru d whole nite, wif no frequent n irritating call bells...thankz my dearest patients..we ordered mcdonalds on d 2nd nite...dat was soo cool coz most of the staff ordered n they r super hungry that nite...

after my 2nd nite,went over to sgh to accompany aunt for her neuro checkup...oh my,i don't noe wats happening to her,she keep on repeating d same old thing for so many times...haha...she's like a recorder keep on repeating d same old thing she's cute aniwae:)kind of worried for her coz,her small veins in the brain are blocked which may lead to stroke due to her uncontrollable cholestrol,DM and hypertension...den d doc was kind enough to explain in detail to me n my aunt all over again...now,i get a better idea of her illness...goin on for another checkup dis coming friday...

Did some laundry n housework on friday...weee,kotornye rumah...hate it...where's d teamwork to keep the house clean,neat n tidy?pnatlah sey...while doin d laundry,watch some movies from sis laptop..too engrosed wif the movie till i receive a msg from hubby Is,he's on his way to my place to pick up his b'dae present,oh my!!!i blom mandi...had a quick shower n as per normal,i'm late...i'm glad dat he loved the b'dae present that i bought for him...luv u syg:)

i donnoe...nowadays he seems to be more n more loving n tend to spend more time wif me more than usual...

On saturdae,we went over to johore to check out d neew shopping centre at bukit indah...went over to sutera mall n angsana..had so much fun coz i bought lots of stuffs for myself n my new niece...cute kn baby stuff...cn't wait to see her...bought her lots of tazmania stuff...

To my darl dyeuh: Cpat2 break ur virgin kiss,simpan lama2 pon tk guna haha


Monday, February 23, 2009 { Monday, February 23, 2009 }

Goin on for my nite shift todae...
really lookin frward for the sleeping day n day off...
meaning 4days of resting day including weekends
Best kn...


Saturday, February 21, 2009 { Saturday, February 21, 2009 }

oh no!!!!i've lost my hp charger...i've juz realize it yesterday nite...n now,my hp batt wen dead...oh my2 i'm worried sick...i wanna vomit my dinner out...how?how?how?my hp is my life...howwww???


Thursday, February 19, 2009 { Thursday, February 19, 2009 }

i'm proud of myself because i have something strong in me which keeps me goin even though i've been down for the past few days...well,i did spoke wif all my cp mates on tues afternoon...geez,i felt alot better talkin to them n explaining things dat happened recently...thankz peeps i luv u all EXCEPT for lipas...thankz lipas coz u've spread d news without noticing it n u blame it on someone else rather than to blame urself...happy now?dat d news is spreading like a bacteria infection in ur body?u stinko...go n get urself cleaned up!!before i run after u wif a pesticide...get a life stinko!

1st sweetlil gd news :)
got some shocking news from my darl eunice...coz my previous sec frens seems like wanting me to turn up at d upcoming chalet they'd organize nxt mth...well,i do feel over d moon about it but i do have second thoughts...i donnoe y...juz d same old problem...fickle minded me...let me think over it guys :)

2nd sweetlil gd news:)
Receive a call from sue,sgh human resource department...i might be starting work on the 11th of may...most probably i'm goin to d chalet...kind of late though...coz she mentioned dat d overall result will be out by d end of april...by then,if i meet up wif d criteria that is being set in d employment agreement form,they will send me for a checkup and there i start my nursing career as an enrolled nurse...i did send my application form to np n nyp nursing course...hopefully,heaven's will,i will get to continue my diploma in nursing...praying hard rite now...have to work double hard now coz i'm graduating soon n need to polish up my skills:)

3rd sweetlil gd news
Hubby Is b'dae tomorrow..too bad syg u r turning 1yr older in few hours time...do enjoy ur last bits haha hope to meet u up soon...

4th sweetlil gd news
goin for my nite shift nxt wk...will be doin 2 nites at ward 64...:)


Saturday, February 14, 2009 { Saturday, February 14, 2009 }

Happy valentine's day everyone...i'm not celebrating it aniwae...duh...wats more,no date...bgos kn?haiz went over to dyeuh place yesterdae...saw ariq n get to carry him...oh my...he's like sooo mampat...mcm nk sedut2 je pipi dier...i juz love d way he is...in few wks time,i'm gonna be an aunt to my newborn niece...hopefully she weighs 3.3kg n above haha ok2 saw dyeuh v-day present to her special fren...its so sweet of her...she bake cookies n made a scrapbook...hopefully her special fren appreciate it alot...

went over to b.panjang plaza to look for dyeuh niece,shai b'dae...but den,we went over to polar coz dyeuh wanted to buy dis cake for kak linda...she bought 2 of d heart shaped cake..its really sweet coz she wanted to gave it to nana n kak linda but den,after she paid for the cake,but then she pass me 1box of the cake she bought earlier on...n gave one to me...oh my...she's like so fuckin sweet...did'nt expect her to gave me d heart shaped cake...THANKZ DARL DYEUH:)

after meetin dyeuh,went over to cck to meet aidil for dinner at novena...well,we had indonesian food for dinner...

aidil=1 mee bakso
me=1 nasi ayam penyet
drinks=4milo dinosaur,2each
additional of=another 1mee bakso

da mcm monsterkn...mkn...haha we were really2 hungry...too full to go anywhere..we took d mrt,get down at wdlds n board bus 178 home...but den,half way thru we hail a cab n went home...we were so sleepy after dinner...receive a call from darl eunice,askin me over for late nite movie wif hakim n azrul,oh my..cn't make it again...last minute plan...mayb some other time cliques...sorry peeps...aniwae,i luv my cliques :)muackz


Friday, February 13, 2009 { Friday, February 13, 2009 }

i felt so much better havin a chat wif suraya...mayb perhaps,i should reconsider coz it involves my career n future...thankz for making me feel alot more better...i really appreciate it


Thursday, February 12, 2009 { Thursday, February 12, 2009 }

i'm not too sure if i'm allowed to tell u all wats happening in here coz it involves my dignity...i'm too ashamed to face everyone n go to work rite now..oh my..wif her tellin everyone about it n did'nt admit it..its driving me beserk...one problem after another...n lies after another....n,one misunderstanding after another...u tell me how am i goin to face it?


Wednesday, February 4, 2009 { Wednesday, February 04, 2009 }

well..its been only 3days in ward 64 n i'm dead tired..every morning i'll be dragging my feet down to work...geez...i don njoy it at all...bcoz of the ward sister...i guess she hates students...she've been finding the students fault..n she's treating as if its a big thing...example d doc left the chart at d patients table n wen she pass the cubicle d student in-charge will get a gd scolding from her...wat is she thinkin..its only a small thing..i guess,all of my cp mates have been marked down by her...oh my..oh my..seems like she misused her power...dat is y,her staff have been wanting to leave d ward...i guess she needs to undergo some anger management or somethin?